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Automatic Winding Turns Tester

"Easy Instant Readout of the Number of Winding Turns"

This tester has the advantage of high accuracy and efficiency, limited influence due to the form and size of the coil to be analyzed, and fast & easy operation thanks to the precision sensor and microprocessor that adopt the patent know-how developed by the manufacture.

This tester, when in operation, does not need any further adjustment and calibration. Just connecting the clip leads to each terminal lug of the coil winding, then the tester instantly shows the exact number of the winding turns on the digital display. Unlike other similar devices, input the data of standard coil to test against is unnecessary. In this way, this tester greatly upgrades the inspection and analyzing efficiency.

DMT-108 (main unit)

Range of turns in coil 1 turn ~ approx. 60,000. turns
(Maximum error)
  0~300 turns: 0 turn
  300~500 turns: ± 1 turn
  500~60,000 turns: ± 0.2%
Detecting speed 0.6 seconds
Dimension 345 mm (L) X 355 mm (W) X 125 mm (H)
Weight 6.0 kg

   Probe platform

Diameter x Height (Probe bar)
# 1 6 mm x 150 mm
# 2 2 mm x 110 mm
# 3 10 mm x 250 mm
# 4 10 mm x 350 mm
# 5 10 mm x 550 mm
# 6 10 mm x 850 mm
  • Less than 1 turn is counted as either 0 or 1 turn
  • The probe, 2 mm x 150 mm, can be used only for up to 5,000 turns
  • Power source: AC24V, 50Hz/60Hz (Step-down transformer 230V/120V~24V included)
  • Operation ambience: Temperature 40 F ~ 105 F (+5 C ~ 40C)
  • Relative humidity: less than 85 %
  • Custom model for special coils available upon request (Up to 850mm-height probe)
  • The prices and specifications may be changed without notice
  • OEM acceptable
  • CE marking with TUV test report
  • 1 year warranty

All specifications are subject to change
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