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Easy Instant Readout of the number of Winding Turns
This innovative tester is designed to check the number of winding turns in a coil such as a winding of electric motor and generator, winding of transformer, coil of inductor and relay, high and low voltage coil for TV set, ignition coil for automobile, and so on.
» Up to 60,000 turns & 850mm-height coil
» Plus minus 0.2 % accuracy (max error)
» Calibration or adjustment unnecessary
» Microprocessor-controlled LED display
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  - Cost if finished products are defective
  - Human input error in a winding machine
  - Winding machine trouble
  - Shortage of skilled worker for inspecting
  - Urgent analysis of unknown coil
  - Broken wire problem

Nishimoto G. H.
provides unique coil-winding solutions especially for manufacturers of transformer and motor. Our mission is to distribute the innovative technologies to keep costs low and quality high. Besides, through our worldwide business and connections, we collect and supply useful information for the local manufacturers.

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